Bournemouth Airport Parking

On Time

You choose the time you want to arrive at the airport on your first day of travel and we’ll be there. On your return we track the live flight information, so if the plane is delayed, we won’t be!

We use Flight Radar to track flights, which has proven to be 100% accurate in recording the exact flight arrival times.

Bournemouth Airport Parking BOH Flight Radar

Link to Flight Radar BOH

If you are early or delayed arriving to Bournemouth Airport on your first day of travel, there is a dedicated number to call on your booking confirmation email, which will put you straight through to our onsite representatives, where you can rearrange your meeting time. We are never more than 5 minutes away and are always happy to help.

If your plane is delayed returning to Bournemouth Airport, we do not charge extra and in extreme cases of planes being diverted to different airports, you can get in touch with our onsite representatives and we’ll be as accommodating as we can be.

We have met customers at Bournemouth train station, where they have had to catch a train back instead of a plane, and also at the request of customers we have driven their vehicles to different airports, so their car is waiting for them if they are diverted.

Bournemouth Airport Parking Meet and Greet Service

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